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How To Fix or Resolve McAfee Software Download Error 12152 Or 7305?

You need a security solution to defend your smart devices from virus attacks and prevent them from intruding threats. As we know, McAfee products we activate at have been widely used and are considered to be the best among several other antivirus software.

You need the program on your computer to enjoy all the apps and take advantage of its features. While the process of activating McAfee is easy, it sometimes begins to display errors. The most common error faced by a user is when the software is downloaded. The McAfee error 12152 or 7305 displayed on your screen provides the indication of the same.

If the McAfee product is having trouble during the download process, the following error messages could be displayed on the screen:

  • We have trouble completing your McAfee software installation because of this error: 12152.
  • Something went wrong with the installation
  • We have trouble completing your McAfee code. Here are some corrections that you can carry out
  • Unable to Continue Installation

A step-by-step solution to correct a 12152 or 7305 error

Since the root cause of the problem is the link to the code itself, you need to address it as soon as possible so that your computer can be safe again. While we could hardly do anything to resolve the error, some things can still be tried. It is recommended that you wait about an hour or so and check whether or not the server has started to respond and you can continue the download process. If not, use the tool to uninstall the McAfee Consumer Product (MCPR). The tool helps you get rid of the failed installations that have ever occurred on your system. Let’s get this problem fixed without further ado.

Until you begin the process of using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool, it is recommended that you save all the files you are currently working on.

  1. Open the web browser and browse to McAfee’s official website. Download the MCPR software from here.
  2. First, to install it on your computer, double click the downloaded.exe file.
  3. When enabled, it’s time to activate it at by clicking on the “continue” button on the appearance of a security alert window.
  4. Now the uninstall screen of the program will appear and you need to click on the option “Next.”
  5. Now read and adhere to MCPR’s End User License Agreement.
  6. When running this tool, it will remove from your system all the junk and failed installation files.

Try to download your McAfee software again after successful removal. If the problem remains, get in touch with the support team and seek help from the trained experts at 800-570-3215.